Last update: 11/03/2010
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The title: Advanced Environmental Technologies, Monitoring and Impact on Society
The acronym: ENTEMO

  • The Project aims at the organization of series of e-workshops devoted to technological, economic and political feasibilities for modern, advanced environmental technologies and their monitoring. Important issue will be also analysis of environmental and economic impacts of these technologies on the society.

  • According to its definition environmental technologies involves all technological solutions which applications decrease negative environmental impact comparing to their classic equivalents. Environmental technologies are strictly connected with wide notion of eco-innovation. It concerns every innovations (technological, non-technological, new products and services, new business practices, etc.) which decrease negative impact on environment or allow for optimal resources usage (including energy).

  • Observed development of environmental technologies in European Union is relatively high. It is estimated that eco-industry makes 2% of gross EU product where total output rate is 200 mld euro.
  • Environmental technologies development is an important conditioning stimulus of employment - 3,5 full-time vacancies in wide eco-industry sector. According to above-mentioned facts it might be certainly said that popularization and development of environmental technologies are two basic pillars determining life quality and sustainable development.